School calender with Illustrations

ontwerp kalender voorzijde

School calender with illustrations

For primary school Immanuël a school calendar had been designed and for each month a matching illustration was created. Illustrations of well-known and less known subjects, such as a flowering Buttercup Winterhasel in February and the seasonal vegetable Celeriac in March, gives the cheerful calendar an educational touch.

Practical and cheerful

By designing the calendar in the corporate colors of Immanuël, it gets a recognizable as well as a cheerful character. Different text styles and -colors have been used to make a clear distinction between, for example, the holidays, birthdays and school activities.

About Primary School Immanuel

Primary school Immanuel is a small-scale, local Christian school in Best, near Eindhoven. The name means ‘God with us’. This forms the identity of the school and is an important starting point in education. More information:

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