Design of corporate identity and image
for Brick method

The complete corporate identity was designed for the newly developed Brick-method coaching program. With a relatively young target group, most important demand was to give Brick-method a modern and contemporary image.

Graphic elements and dynamic fonts

All on- and offline media for Brick-method got a ‘graffiti-look’, with a customized corporate illustration used as starting point. De lines and circles are used in all media, to create recognition within the target group. By using bright colors and shapes, combined with hand-drawn elements, a young and modern image is created.

About Brick-method

With Brick-methods quick and effective coachings program you get insight into yourself, in order to get more out of your study, career or personal life.

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The business card and corporate illustration

Dynamic, slanted surfaces were used as starting point throughout the whole identity of Brick-method. With bright yellow on the front of the card and the corporate illustration on the back, the business card is a real eyecatcher. The brick texture represents the ‘brick’ part and fits well with the graffiti image.

Promotion for workshops and events

Various flyers have been designed for promotion at career- and study exhibitions. Each designed to fit the target group of the relevant exhibition and promote the workshop that fits best to this group. In this case with focus on the ‘Monkey’ workshop and workshop ‘Get inside in yourself with Flowers’

Advertisement for brand awareness

To create brand awareness within the target group, multiple online advertisements have been placed. In addition, a discount coupon has been designed to give the exhibition visitors that last push.

Decoration for the exhibition stand

Stand out between the other exhibitionists of course is very important. To achieve this, a roll-up banner and printed bar table has been developed, to give the exhibition stand a great look and make it clearly visible from a distance.

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