Corona childrens book

Tommie en Lova, het coronabezoek

Illustrations, book layout & font design

Our first children’s book was published, together with author Cees Hoogland and Uitgeverij Anderszins! In the book Tommie en Lova, het corona-bezoek (Tommie and Lova, the corona visits), grandpa Cees wrote about the encounters with his grandchildren Tommie and Lova in the first months of the corona pandemic. This picturebook describes and illustrates in a playful way the unusual visits, without a hug and with a window in between. We chose a positive approach: the book is not about what is and is not allowed, but writes about the possibilities we do have despite corona.

In addition to the hand-drawn illustrations, Smit Grafische Vormgeving also provided the book design and created a custom font. The clear block letters and short sentences make the book easy to read for first-time readers, functionally illiterate people and the elderly in care homes. The stories are suitable for all ages and can help to start a conversation with your (grand) child about this bizarre era we’re living in. 

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Here you also can read more about the origin of the book and what we have already experienced in our book adventure (from newspaper article to reading sessions!)

Tommie-en-Lova_het-corona-bezoek_met-mam-voor-het-raamTommie en Lova, het corona-bezoekTommie en Lova, het corona-bezoek

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