Corporate Identity for Emmaüskerk

Corporate Identity for Emmaüskerk Eindhoven

Develop a corporate identity for a very versatile community, for a group of people with very different backgrounds, ages and interests; Emmaüskerk in Eindhoven came up with this question at Smit Grafische Vormgeving. In consultation with the community, a modern, but warm and welcoming corporate identity has been developed.

Corporate identity matching to a versatile identity

As starting point the stained-glass window, characteristic for the building, was used and transformed into a contemporary corporate illustration. The window shows the bible story “On the Way to Emmaüs”, and symbolizes, with all its differently shaped and colored windows, the versatility of the community.

About Emmaüskerk

Emmaüskerk is a characteristic church build in the 60’s, in the district Mensfort in Eindhoven. Every Sunday there is a church service, with about 600 people with very different backgrounds, ages and interests. More information:

Business card with stained glass illustration

The corporate illustration of the stained glass window is reflected in the whole new identity of Emmaüskerk. For example, the illustration on the business card was used as a purely graphic element to reinforce the warm, friendly identity of the community.

Functional and stylish corporate paper

A simplified fragment of the stained-glass window has been used on the corporate paper and the envelopes. This ensures a uniform appearance, without distracting from the content.
In order to ensure that everyone in the community can work within the new identity, Word-template in various dimensions were developed.

Welcoming brochure for guests

For guests and new members a welcome brochure has been designed, with information about the church and its community. The stained glass element is repeated again, this time in combination with photography from and by members of the church community, to create a more personal feeling.

Signing and lettering

The new corporate identity is also represented on the exterior of the church. The (partly illuminated) facade lettering provides a recognizable appearance and a welcome flag and frame banner are used for, among other things, the announcement of activities and to get in touch with the neighborhood.

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