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Development of logo and corporate identity

For primary school Immanuel, various corporate products have been developed. To start with, a logo with bright colors and a happy appearance has been developed. In addition, there are, among other things, various illustrations and a brochure created and a design for the website has been made.

Bright colors and cheerful photography

In the look of all the designs, showing the welcoming, honest identity of the school is leading. The bright colors, clean and cheerful photography and a playful, but well-readable font, all fit in seamlessly with the school’s vision.

About Immanuël

Primary school Immanuel is a cozy, small-scale Christian primary school in Best, near Eindhoven. Their mission is to discover and develop the talents of every child. ‘Every child is made by God and therefore unique’ is the starting point.

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Cheerful, but formal business card

The design of the business card is kept very simple, with a lot of white space and the use of a clean blue color. Because of the clouds and bright colors, it has the same cheerful as other  corporate products.

Clear website

For the website the main goal was to reach new parents. Therefore, a design with a clear layout and fresh, cheerful colors was developed.

Promotion with poster and advertisement

To promote the open day, a poster and an advertisement were designed. For both the poster as the ad a template was developed, so that it can be reused every year, with slightly different content.

Coloring pages and a corporate illustration

Various illustrations have been developed, to make the corporate identity even stronger and suitable for education. For example, coloring pages were designed for a calendar, each matching the month and season. In addition, a corporate identity figure has been designed in the same style, which is reflected in various corporate products.

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