Kurken 1975

Design of logo, packaging and game play material for Kurken 1975

In collaboration with Cardano Games we worked on developing a corporate identity for Kurken1975 (English version: CatchYou), a newly developed speed action game for training of your working memory.
In order to appeal to the young target group and to reflect the origins of the game, a very colorful design with a Dutch character was created.

A bright, colorful logo

The crown cap, an important element in the game, became the basis of the design. By combining the bright orange with fresh blue and gray, a striking and playful appearance is created.

About Kurken1975

The game Kurken1975 (or the Enlish version CatchYou) is developed for use at school and to play at home and for leisure. The game helps to train the visual-spatial memory. It is fun to play and developed to solve math problems better and faster.

Do you also want to learn to calculate faster? Order Kurken online: kurken1975.nl

kurken spelmateriaal


Design of the packaging

The game currently still is in the test phase. In order to ensure that players can test the game well, A cheerful package, which is also used to play the game, has been developed. In addition, various game elements have been designed, such as a score block, a playpad and a manual.

Product photography of game content

So that it is immediately clear what you get when you order the game, several pictures have been taken with an overview of the game and the content.

Advertising at education fairs

Cardano Games regularly participates in education exhibitions with the game Kurken. To stand out well there is a roll-up banner and 2 printed standing tables (to be able to play the game) realized. For interested parties there is a flyer with more information and a reference to the website.

Website with background and game information

The website has also been developed in the same, striking style. The website is provided with information about the game, the way of playing and the history, supported with images and pictograms. In addition, the website offers the possibility of ordering the game and requesting more information or a demonstration.

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