Martijn de Lint

Webdevelopment and design of illustrations for Martijn de Lint

For Martijn de Lint a new website is developed and various illustrations were made. In addition, a powerpoint template has been set-up and his CV got a restyling, in order to create recognition and an unambiguous appearance.

Energetic and inspiring

To distinguish itself, a colorful design with matching illustrations was created. The narrative illustrations on each page of the website, were used as basis for the whole corporate identity and became the guideline throughout the website, matching the effective way of working and Martijn de Lint his energetic and inspiring personality.

About Martijn de Lint

Martijn de Lint is an inspiring coach, both business and personal. He takes his coachees on a journey, to arrive at the essence of what moves them, what their motivations, desires and possibilities are.

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A story in interactive illustrations

An illustration has been designed for each page, matching the subject in question. All illustrations fit together, so that the car takes you on a journey through the website.

Striking website

In the design for the website, colored bulbs have been used on the homepage and illustrations with a matching style on the other pages. By combining these colorful illustrations with white and bright colored surfaces, an unambiguous and modern whole is created.

All documents in style

A Powerpoint template has been set-up to use for presentations, the CV has been restyled, as well as a Word template and a banner has been designed to use on Social Media. This way there is recognition created among (potential) customers and is the look and feel of the company of Martijn de Lint consistent in each media expression.

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