website for Brick-method

Website for Brick-method

For Brick-method a completely new website has been developed, in collaboration with the Digibastards. The design of the website fits in well with the young target group; with bright colors, clear call-to-actions and some subtle animated elements.

A picture is worth a thousand words

To retain the attention of the ‘short attention span youth’, clear headlines, short texts and explanatory icons were used. The buttons have also been given a distinctive look, so they invite you to click immediately.
By using the same shapes and colors everywhere, the website gets a striking but uniform appearance.

Looks cool and is practical in use

Besides a nice design, the technical implementation of a website is of course super important. The Digibastards have translated the design into a Google-friendly website, with an integrated payment system and a enquete function.

About Brick method

With Brick-methods quick and effective program you get insight into yourself, in order to get more out of your study, career or personal life.
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