JePPIX statue design

JePPIX ontwerp relatiegeschenk

JePPIX wanted to thank their partners with a customized gift. After extensive research into the possibilities and drawing sketches for the design, a sculpture of a stylized wafer on a base has been created.

From sketch to execution

For the execution of the wafer a laser engraving in transparent acrylic has been chosen. The matt appearance of the engraved “chips” in the glossy wafer give it a luxurious look. The base is provided with a personalized copper plate, with a version for each partner engraved and lacquered with its own logo. The implementation of the award statue was provided by Margot Burgering (Best Image).

Custom packaging

in addition, a gift box has been designed. the box is provided with a protective foam layer with cut-outs in which the statue fits perfectly. This not only gives it a luxurious look but also protects during transport.

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