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vormgeving voor Bright Photonics

Design of exhibition materials for Bright Photonics

For Bright Photonics, a booth wall, a roll-up banner and a leaflet have been designed for use at various exhibitions. The booth wall and the roll-up banner are designed to specific requirements of the relevant exhibition, the brochure has a more generally layout in order to be used for multiple purposes.
In addition, a website has been developed to create a consistent look.

Fresh blue with contrasting red

In all designs, the red and blue color from the existing logo were used as a starting point. This gives the designs a striking, bright appearance.

About Bright Photonics

BRIGHT Photonics is a design house for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). Together with their partners they are leading the development in making PICs accessible to businesses, research institutes and universities.

More information:

roll-up banner voor Bright Photonics

beurswand en website

3-luikfolder voor Bright Photonics

Banner with two functions

For the roll-up banner a design has been created that has a good attention value and an informative function. By using bright, contrasting colors, the banner attracts attention from a great distance. The services of Bright Photonics are displayed in short terms with visual examples, so that the banner can be used as a support in conversations with exhibition visitors.

Design of the boothwall

The design of the booth wall creates a nice decoration of the exhibition booth. By using the same bright colors, but putting the design in a slightly different look, the booth certainly attracts the attention of exhibition visitors.

Clean template for the website

The website has been updated to the new style to create a uniform look. A simple template has been set up, in which Bright Photonics can easily add and adapt content itself. This way the corporate identity of Bright Photonics is maintained, and information is always up-to-date.

Leaflet with a clean, corporate character

The 3-folded leaflet gives in short again what Bright Photonics stands for. The bright colors in combination with a a lot of white space, makes it a modern looking leaflet with a clean, corporate character.

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