JePPIX Roadmap 2018

Design and layout Roadmap 2018

brochure for JePPIX

For JePPIX (Joint European Platform for Photonic Integration) a brochure has again been developed. The design of previous editions (2012 and 2015) has been given a completely new look; clean, stylish and modern.

Informative and stylish

We have chosen a square brochure to stand out among other technical information brochures. The use of a lot of white space makes the brochure clear and easy to read. The combination of the warm red-brown color with the fresh light blue creates a stylish and professional look.

Everything in style

The recurring graphic elements – inspired by the logo – in combination with restyled images, graphs and tables, ensure a uniform appearance. By having the same color shades on each page, everything fit seamlessly.

About JePPIX

JePPIX (short for Joint European Platform for Photonic Integration in Components and Circuits) is a consortium of European industrial and academic key players in InP-based photonic integration technology.
Every two years JePPIX publishes a Roadmap. This Roadmap describes the advancement of technology and equipment which is required to make the technology ever more powerful at a constant or reduced price.

More information and the complete Roadmap can be found on the website:

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